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Our website has been online for 6 years and is part of the Belgian media groups Rossel and Roularta, which promote us. It counts 300.000 unique visitors and over 1.200.000 viewed pages per month.

You have complete control over your advertisement

Houses, villas, cottages, holiday cottages, guestrooms, apartments,… You can place a classical advertisement for your location with a package that suits you, and you will receive the booking requests directly via e-mail.

Through your Owners Area, you may update your advertisement and calendar in order to give all the needed information to your future guests. Your ad is listed according to the number of updates you bring to it, and the attention sparked off among our users.


Effective means to increase your visibility

You have the means to increase the visibility of your ad through:
> a monthly appearance at the top of the list in the section “On the top”
> an appearance in a newsletter sent out in French and Dutch to our 920.000 members
> an appearance on our home page in our recommended locations
> an appearance in the newspaper 7Dimanche, which counts 660.000 readers every sunday More info


A clear and transparent relationship

We offer a simple exchange based on trust, where you are in charge of the traffic generated by your ad and the booking requests that will follow.

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