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How to log into My Holidayweb?

You want to make changes to your holiday ad, pictures or update your calendar?
Thanks to "My Holidayweb" you have a large number of features to manage your ad will simply make.
Follow the steps below:
1 -) In the upper right corner, click on "My Holidayweb" (just below the language selection) or click the link below:
My Holidayweb
2 -) Enter your username (email address) and password and click "Login". If you have forgotten your password, click on forgotten password and a new password will be immediately sent to your e-mail sent. Upon receipt of the new password, you can login with the new password.
3 -) The system welcomes your welcome "My Holidayweb". Choose one of the 6 options (left side of your screen, under each other). Click on "My Ads".

Your ad will appear in the middle of your screen, with the date of publication.
If your invoice is not paid would be adjusted is also a link to the Casa to go there to perform in your payment have not been settled.

A second menu displays the following information:

Manage your ad:
• Calendar view and modify (free holiday periods and enter already booked weeks fill)
• Ad adapt (adjust your ad content, comfort elements check, change or add photos, etc ...)
• Prices and seasons change (prices and seasonal changes)
• Email requests to consult
• Options to add
• Newspaper ordering option
• Ad deleted

We advise you to carefully read all the instructions, so you can easily update the desired could make.

We wish you lots of contacts for your holiday and stay at your disposal.