Home exchange

The home exchange is an innovative and attractive rent option and each year, more and more people (young, families, retirees) adopt it. Some destinations are so popular such as France (over 5000 French exchangers have concluded an exchange of their houses), USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Spain.

The concept is to exchange your home with another family during your holidays. It is simply staying in the house of another family while they are residing in yours. As previously defined, home exchange takes place on a date scheduled previously by the two families and may optionally include a vehicle exchange. A home exchange offers you the opportunity to soak up the culture of the country, region or city where you stay! These are custom homes that you choose regarding your needs, your tastes, and your requirement.

Get rid of dull, soulless and annoyed hotel rooms. The three meals a day taken at restaurants are over and now it’s time to meet new people and to have more rewarding local discoveries. Very different form a home of vacation, home exchange is the beginning of a true human adventure. You meet nice people, establish privileged human contact and you also take time to discover more discreet corners of the country and mainly you know that you can trust in people who are staying at your home. The home exchange is above all a state of mind: ease of use, trust and mutual good will is waiting for you.

The home exchange is one of the means to spend your holidays  or your weekend cheaper, but also a real source of human enrichment! Discover without delay the benefits of house swapping, new formula for holiday Vacancesweb.be