Looking for a holiday home

a good holiday thanks to the ads appeared in the newspaper and on the website "Vacancesweb" It's easy! Just follow a few rules of organization, and follow the recommendations that are detailed in these pages. For starters, it's finding the location of your next vacation:

1.Select vacation rental ads that match your expectations.

Our pages you will find hundreds of ads for rental homes and apartments, classified by country and type of property (house / hotel, apartments and houses)

2. Contact the owners.

In each ad, you find the coordinates that you call the owner directly. It can give you further details on the lease, the rent corresponding precisely to your rental period, and especially the availability. During this call, remember to ask many questions as possible, including the provision of housing, amenities, proximity to shops, the beach ... Well you want and the conditions are right for you? Ask the owner to send you a precise description summarizing all this information.

3. Confirm your reservation when your choice is made.

You send the owner an e-booking, reservation and a check or wire transfer (the check is frequently used in France and less in Belgium). To achieve your location, and although in theory a simple mail exchange may be sufficient, it is prudent to sign a contract. In practice, upon receipt of your letter and your check, the owner will address the contract signed in duplicate, and asks you to return before a certain date. After this period, he took it that you withdraw and keep to a minimum the amount paid (see "deposit or deposits" in the following pages). Once your reservation is confirmed, your holidays are well underway. A few more weeks, and you'll be able to enjoy it! So you can go on with confidence, we have detailed in the pages all the important points concerning the rental, so you will know how to respond to contingencies or unforeseen events.

Also note that our legal department publishes the "rental contract", available at the office of the newspaper, via our website or by correspondence (Tel: 0032 (0) 2/655.04.65).

Commercial link : example of site with nice holidays houses and descriptions as well as maps and rent contracts: d'appartements à Barcelone "