Vacation Home

No more holidays very expensive in a hotel, cheap holidays are now possible, thanks to the charming rental and family vacation homes.
You want to feel  "at home", but in a new environment and surrounding areas, the formula vacation home rental suits you best !
Have a wonderful time with your family in a holiday’s home with terrace and a private pool or a beautiful garden for your children. It’s an opportunity to the intimacy of your family and to discover new horizons.
And if you're looking for a big house near the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains, to spend good times with friends, visit, and you can easily find spacious houses for more than 10 people with a very reasonable budget. 
In addition: during your stay, you can even bring your pets with you. Vacation home rentals are available on  Belgium, France or in other countries like Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.

The rental of holiday homes is a new way to organize group of vacation between friends and family but with